You have only 5… 4… now 3 years left to save your nation! --St Michael

JANUARY 1, 2023 – A WARNING TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TO THE WHOLE WORLD! You have only 5… 4… now 3 years left to save your nation!

St Rosalie’s Parish Campus, Hampton Bays, New York @ 9:30 am

St Michael Archangel

Lo and Behold! I am Michael the Archangel, Defender of the People of the World and the Protector of the Sovereign Nation of the United States of America.

This is a Warning to all of you who call yourselves the patriotic defenders of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America!

I warned you several years ago in a Message from Heaven that “You have five years now to save your nation!” Now you are in a countdown: You have only 5… 4… now 3 years left to save your nation!

You have three years left to gain control of your nation. If satan and his minions are still in control of your executive, judicial, and legislative entities in three years on the 250th Anniversary of your founding as a republic, your nation will topple and be dissolved within the timeline set by satan – 2030! Then, the sovereignty of your nation will no longer exist!

You have three years left to gain control of your nation through your elections, which are now controlled by satan and his minions. By 2030, in order to achieve their goals on schedule, satan and his minions must continue to retain control of your elections which they have so fraudulently and successfully done in recent years – robbing you of your lawfully chosen leaders and replacing them with minions of satan.

You have three years to right the wrongs that your enemies have caused you, or satan and his minions will usher in the demonically inspired New World Order by 2030 further enslaving all of humanity.

You have three years now to save your nation! Those among you who are truly Powerful Prayer Warriors have been vigilantly aware of the demonic plan and many of you are doing God’s work to defend your nation and its sovereignty, but there are many among the citizens of the United States of America, who have fallen asleep and are oblivious to the plan of satan to destroy your nation.

You have three years to awaken those who are asleep and who have deliberately, unknowingly, or unwittingly adopted many of the attributes of the satanic plan through anarchism, socialism, and communism. Many of your brothers and sisters have been brainwashed leading many of your citizens to blindly accept the current affairs in your government, your corporations, your institutions, your educational systems, and your media and entertainment cartels, and to accept the ‘woke’ religion of the satanic new world order.

You have three years now to counter-charge against the demonic forces who are attempting to divide you by charges of racism. This is satan’s plan to keep you divided so that your nation will topple in three years ushering in the demonic new world order that has already gained much of the power and control over your nation.

You have three years to wake up America! Or the future of your nation is doomed to oblivion, just as it has been planned by satan to strip the nationality and sovereignty of the United States of America, a nation that has been created and inspired by the Father in Heaven to be a shining example to the rest of the world.

You have three years to expose and defeat the Global Elites’ Climate Change hysteria. When the Father in Heaven gave man dominion over Earth, he did not convey such authority to satan and his minions who are now using Climate Change hysteria as a means of instilling fear into all of God’s people to enforce further power and control over all of you. The hilarity of the Climate Change radicals is manifest most clearly by their “Climate Clock” which is designed to run out in late 2029, just in time for satan’s planned world takeover by 2030 – a goal to which satan will be denied by the Father in Heaven through His Son and Your Redeemer, Jesus Christ!

You have three years as Powerful Prayer Warriors to reach out to your family members and friends who are asleep in this demonic snare and awaken them to the reality that this is the ultimate struggle of Good versus Evil and to convince them that their “woke” agenda is not, in reality, an awakening to truth but to a further slumber in the brainwashing trap of the evil one and his minions.

Most frightening of all…

You have three years to sound the alarm and prevent the Global Elitists from their plan to transform all of humanity into high-tech cyborgs implanted with microchips designed to control your body, mind, and soul. Do not dismiss this reality as a conspiracy theory. The Global Elites in their arrogance and pomposity are letting you know through their controlled media sources that it is their plan to transform humanity into soulless cyborgs.

Pay attention to what satan’s minions are saying, and what they are predicting by 2030. If they are not defeated in their plans in the next several years, humanity will be challenged by satan in ways that will require the Father in Heaven to intervene in the affairs of mankind. This is where the Father in Heaven through your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has drawn a line in the sand against satan and his minions. Woe to those who attempt to cross that line to challenge the Father’s plan for humanity!

You have three years! The clock is ticking, and time is running out! Are you listening? Are you listening?

Message ended 10:57 am