Elite Dutch Banker was invited to a child sacrifice

THE SACRIFICE OF CHILDREN: Former Elite Dutch Banker turned whistleblower confirms through his personal eyewitness account how the Elites who he worked for invited him to murder and sacrifice children in order to move further up in the Elite world. This was his breaking point. 

He goes on to say how this dark force of the Elite ruling class hates children because they represent life. He was traumatized from the event and was tortured because he refused to participate in the sacrifice of innocent children. They threatened to kill his entire family bloodline and he went into hiding. It took years of therapy for him to recover from this horrific event.

He encourages everyone in the world to stand up together in order to remove this dark force of Elite Pedophile rulers from our world who seek to destroy all life and who continue to abuse, torture, rape, sell and sacrifice the innocent lives of our children.

Another expert witness and survivor who was born into a generational Satanic Illuminati family gives his eyewitness testimony of how he was subjected to satanic ritual child abuse. He confirms that the global elite are behind all of the problems plaguing humanity. He goes on to say that 12 percent of America is generational Satanic, that is 40 million people.

From early childhood we are programmed by a satanic world through mass media and our culture. When you have a society where 800,000 children are disappearing a year like it is here in America and it is not discussed at all, this is insanity. Why are we allowing this to happen? Because we have been programmed over the years to go along with the mainstream narrative.

All Illuminati including the Rockefeller's, the Du Pont's go through 6 to 7 years of Satanic torture, rape, drugging and ritual blood sacrifices as children in order to make them not care anymore causing them to become secondary psychopaths. This is what this old religion, the Molech system is all about. It is about creating secondary psychopaths to destroy the humanity in people.

This dark force has been in control of our society for hundreds of thousands of years going back to ancient times. More and more people are waking up to the truth and this makes it easier for others to wake up this horrific truth. We all need to work together to remove this darkness from our world. We can change this, because they are few and we are many.