Eucharistic Miracle in Ireland?

Father Philip Kemmy, a parish priest in Raphoe Diocese, Ireland, had just finished handing out Communion while a communion helper was still doing so.

Then, a strange thing happened, he said in a July 13 video posted online. He went to the tabernacle and emptied the remaining hosts into a larger ciborium.

As he was placing it in the tabernacle, he felt something like a flash, as if something had fallen in front of his face.

He genuflected, closed the tabernacle, and took the empty ciborium. He was surprised to see that it contained a host although he was convinced that he had emptied it. He placed this host in the tabernacle.

Later that day, a lady he knew well called him, and asked if he had not noticed anything strange at the tabernacle that day.

Kemmy admitted that he had the impression that a host had fallen from the sky into the ciborium, “Maybe I'm nuts”, he said.

“No, you’re not”, the lady insisted and told him another story. While Kemmy was at the tabernacle, a stranger took communion from the helper who was still distributing it and returned to his place without consuming it.

The lady saw this and was about to confront the man when suddenly, the host in his hand shot up into the air about seven feet, turned around and shot up to the tabernacle where it dropped down. She said that another woman also witnessed this
It was probably an angel that prevented Our Lord from being desecrated, perhaps the host had been taken for a satanist riteía Ferraz