Marine Le Pen: “I Will Save France From the New World Order ”

Marine Le Pen vows to destroy New World Order and restore law and order to France

French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen has issued a national address, vowing to save France from the ‘New World Order’ and hold President Macron criminally responsible for the anarchy currently taking place across the country.

“For several days, a state of endemic disorder, violence, and destruction has been established in the country, the images and echoes of which are chillingly brutal,” Le Pen began her address.

Le Pen warned that all of those responsible, from Macron down to the ‘woke’ politicians and politicized unions, would be arrested and tried for treason once she becomes President.

Turning her attention to the citizens of France, Le Pen warned against anarchy:

“I call on all citizens to distrust these anti-republican and extremist forces which, through their indirect calls for secession and their connivance with violence, are leading the country down terrible paths of disorder. This recurrent violence for years is now at unprecedented levels and now affects all types of municipalities, from the smallest to the center of large cities, including the heart of the capital,” Le Pen said. reports: The state of affairs, according to Le Pen, serves as a wake-up call to the nation’s leaders, who she accuses of being intoxicated by power and ideological constructions, particularly in the fields of immigration and judicial laxity.

“Our country is entering a period of uncertainty and concern. As head of the first opposition force, I intend to stick to our line of conduct of not doing anything that could prevent or hinder the action of the legitimate authorities responsible for public order. I give my full support to all the security forces deployed to put an end to these riots,” she added.

“I call for the cessation of violence,” implored Le Pen, calling for spontaneous intervention by courageous and civic-minded parents or the legitimate force of law and justice if necessary. She argued that the immediate solution to the destructive rage engulfing the country is a return to republican order through sectoral curfews, and if the situation worsens, the declaration of a state of emergency.

In a final plea, Le Pen requested President Macron to convene a meeting with all parties represented in the National Assembly to discuss the grave situation and the initiatives needed to safeguard freedom and public security.