Cardinal Zen: Tucho Must Go

Tucho Fernández claims that homosexual concubines can be "blessed" out of "pastoral love" but Holy Scripture says that pastors must bring back those sheep who have gone astray, writes Cardinal Joseph Zen on his blog on January 21.

Tucho seems to be saying that homosexuals can receive a "blessing" as a couple, suggesting that they can “continue to live in the ‘wrong’, i.e., sinful, way”, Zen observes. He adds that Fernández often emphasises that confusion should be avoided, but that his “blessings” actually create confusion.

Most serious is for Zen the idea that there can be something “good” in homosexual behaviour or that it can be compared to marital love: “This is an absolute subjective error. According to objective truth, that behavior is a grave sin and can never be good.”

And, “If the Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith calls a grave sin 'good', wouldn't he be committing heresy? Shouldn't the Prefect resign or be dismissed?"