Seek ye strength in the Eucharist

Dear children, I am your Sorrowful Mother and I suffer for what comes to you. 

Seek ye strength in the Eucharist, for only thus can ye bear the weight of the trials to come. 

Trust ye in Jesus. He is the Only Way that leads you to Heaven. 

Welcome ye His Gospel and the teachings of the true Magisterium of His Church. Ye are walking towards a future in which truths will be despised. 

True teachings and dogmas will be denied. As I told you in the past, do not forget: In God there is no half-truth. Ye will still see horrors in the House of God, but do not retreat ye

Alongside the brave soldiers in cassocks, defend ye Jesus and His Church. Turn ye away from the world and live ye turned towards the Paradise for which ye were uniquely created. 

Whatever happens, do not move ye away from the Church of My Jesus. 

Tell ye everyone that the truth of My Jesus is kept whole only in the Catholic Church and that His Presence in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist is a non-negotiable truth. This is the message that I transmit to you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for having allowed Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay ye in peace.