Church Teaching 'Wronged' People Who Engage in Homosexual Sin --Bishop

Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier, Germany, presided over an "ecumenical" homosexual service in his cathedral on 17 April.

The performance was advertised as part of the annual diocesan celebration of the Holy Tunic of Christ. About 50 elderly people attended. A large homosex flag was laid down in front of the unused Novus Ordo table.

The event was like a conference with various speeches interspersed with some songs (e.g. 'True Colours' by homosexual activist Cyndi Lauper, 1986). A scripture reading was delivered by a presumed transvestite.

Bishop Ackermann claimed that the homosexual propagandists, who are among the sacred cows of the German regime, would experience "hatred" and "violence" because of their sexual disorder ("identity", "orientation").

Mgr Ackermann attacked the Church by calling his homosexual propaganda show a "commitment", saying that "we want to be a diocese that values diversity", including "sexual and gender diversity".

"Diversity" is a term that means the promotion of homosexual sins and the suppression of criticism and free speech.

Bishop Ackermann made the "painful confession" that "the Church's teaching has wronged people and reinforced rejection and exclusion". In reality, the call to repentance is neither "rejection" nor "exclusion". Sin rejects and excludes, not conversion.

He believes that the Catholic Church is on a path of learning [= accepting homosexual propaganda] and "change", which is "a good thing", but the pace is debatable. Ackermann should know that no one will join the Church because it spreads homosexual propaganda, but the best will leave because of it.