The Antichrist will be an antipope who will hate My Pope

(Father Rodrigue already spoke of 3 antichrists, if I am not mistaken, one political, one financial and one religious, therefore the Antichrist is not a single person but several  --Maria Ferraz).

IA Translation

Jesus to a Soul (1996 -2024)

They are trying to create a Masonic Church
By night they come to rob me
My Church is going to ruin
What is the Antichrist
The Antichrist as an organization
The Antichrist as a person
I no longer recognize myself in this Church
The plan of the Masonic Church
The Purification of the Church
I will return to build My Church
The Church needs holy priests
The wicked will perish in the chair of Peter


What are the drops of light?

The Lord answers: "They are drops of wisdom, of light, precious gems [...] drops of wisdom, riches of formation and also of health. [...] And yet I cry out to you: "Come to me, leave those who cannot heal you. Come to me, for I am the true physician".

2. They try to create a Masonic Church

Jesus: "Behold, in this Church I am so little loved and My Spirit is not lived. The way it is practiced in it wounds Me. There is no love for My Holy Humanity, there is no veneration for My Mother. The Eucharist is seen as food that sustains and gives strength, but they do not believe in My Presence, they do not love Me, they do not share with Me. My Cross is indeed a Glorious Cross, but a Cross impoverished of the merits of pain, of human tears, a Cross in which they try to exclude the sacrifice of man, which united to Me, to My Holy Humanity, is salvific.

Attempts are made to keep away what can be humble, small, devotional. My Word does not belong to Me. It is transformed, My Truth, My Spirit is no longer found in it.

An attempt is being made to create a Church within the Church. Not a small, poor, humble Church, but a rich and ambitious Church, whose reins belong to the evil one.

How responsible are the priests. Many of them do not understand the truth because they pray little, but many more, at the top, when they come to understand, no longer have the strength, the ability, the courage to turn back from the error they have committed. How much these priests must suffer, even more so in the highest places, the highest of them, where they manipulate with evil and try to form this new church, a Masonic church that does not belong to me.

My Mother spoke of this at Fatima when she said that satan was penetrating the ranks of the Vatican, that he would sneak in and direct. They intend to create masses of men to form a new power, of which I am only the emblem, but not the substance. In the new times it will no longer exist, but how many errors they have created, how much evil they will have done.

I place before the Masonic Church the Marian movements, which bear imprinted My Heart, My Face, My way of being and My Truth. Little ones remain humble, hidden and loving. With these little ones will withdraw, or if My Church will withdraw, it is like yeast that is put to ferment. My Mother kneads it with My ingredients that it may taste of Me."

3. At night they come to rob Me

Jesus: "Today I am celebrated in various parts of the world (Feast of Corpus Christi), with ceremonies, processions and adoration. I drink from these cults. Few truly love Me, but I fill Myself with this devotion because I know that when it ends, who will remember Me?

Men do not understand this Sacrament that heals, heals the spirit, but also the body. How many illnesses, how many wars, how much pain would not exist if it were not outraged. Doctors would have little work, children's illnesses would disappear, families would be healed.

They come, they come to rob me, not only during communion, but also at night in the tabernacles. They come like thieves to sell Me, and they are the ones who dwell in My Church. They commit iniquities with Me that cannot even be said. This outrage against God falls, unfortunately, upon those who are innocent. How can I make reparation for this? By adoring Me in My Sacrament, by praying to Me and receiving Me, by loving Me. This is the reparation that heals wounds and cures evils."

4. My Church is going to ruin

Jesus: "I desire silence, contemplation and adoration in souls and in the Church, but My Church is going to ruin because the walls are crumbling. The world has fallen so low because My Church is no longer the dispenser of truth, no longer the beacon that enlightens minds, the leaven that leavens the masses and gives her children rotten bread.

My Bride, the Holy Church that I love so much, has prostituted herself. The serpent of occultism crawls in Her and causes the greatest damage. There are conferences, debates, all nonsense that serve no purpose because in them only human thinking is revealed, which is neither My Thought nor My Teaching.

The children of My Church must get down on their knees to pray with great humility, to be enlightened by the Father on how to teach to be bearers of My Truth.

They must return to the origins, accepting the Gospel in its integrity and originality as in the days of St. Francis, when My Church even then its walls were crumbling. Francis understood and returned to serve Me in poverty, to the integrity of the origins. Even more so today it needs this return, for it no longer wants to lean on the cornerstone, but on other supports that I do not support.

This Church has forgotten that it is fruit and is built on the blood of the martyrs and the sufferings of the creatures who gave their lives for it. Now they let everything be ruined."

5. What is the Antichrist

Jesus: "My Glorious Return will not be a physical return. Only in the end times will I return only once in My Full Person before the great judgment (Third Time as Judge - Final Judgment).
My Return now in this intermediate time (Second Time as King, New Age, 1000 Years Happy Kingdom) will take place in Spirit. Spirit will witness Me. 

  I am coming to contemplate a world that does not belong to Me, an evil world, and there will be signs. The sign of the Cross visible to all (the Miracle after the Warning), but it will be too late for those who do not convert.

The Holy Spirit will come to purify and much of the earth will be decimated. But even then My Mercy will save.

After the terrible and dreadful moments of purification (the Great Tribulation), behold My Glorious Return in men who will love Me again in the Eucharist and I will return King of their hearts. I will return Glorious in My united, indivisible and indissoluble Church, resting at last on the cornerstone bearing My Truth. I will return Glorious in My priests, sons who will love and serve Me. I will return Glorious in My dearest children who will adore Me, I will return Glorious in peace, in an era of peace that will last for a long time (Kingdom of 1000 years).

Likewise, the Blessed Virgin is already preparing Her little ones for this time of battle."

The Antichrist as an organization

"In the same way the Antichrist forms his army of evil. The Antichrist is precisely a headquarters in the world, a network maneuvered by Satan where he trains his chosen ones.

They devise ways to create evil, to foment wars and drive men to despair, to bring about their death in times when, so far from God, they can be driven into the perdition abysses of hell. This headquarters is a place of leadership where the evil one maneuvers the reins by placing his leaders at the helm, whom he has trained with men chosen from positions of prestige and power, from political leaders to Church greats.

There is also a Church opposed to Mine, to My true Spirit, which is created in the Church itself and is formed directly by the evil one, with its hierarchy and its priests who worship and oppose Me. Even the people can be part of it, and there are those who are part of it, to obtain favors by spreading evil. They are apparently normal people who do things worthy of esteem before the world, but they have monstrous hearts and God, who sees in secret, knows of their evil lives.

It is a battle between the forces of evil and the forces of light. They try to cover the light with darkness and it seems that they succeed, but they do not know that with My Return I will dazzle again and they, ashamed, will fall into the abyss to which they belong.

The innocence of childhood puts a brake on the expansion of their power. That is why they wage war and seek to kill children and rape them.

This is the Antichrist, all this cooperation in evil, this evil network."

The Antichrist as a person

But there will also come one who is the Antichrist in person, an important man in the Church[1], an antipope who will hate My Pope. In him the devil will be incarnated and will try in the times of purification to take his place in order to form his own Church. But because of the holiness of the prayers of My saints, because of their blood shed for her, who always represents My Holy Bride, he will not be able to sustain his step and his power, so that he will be nauseated by this rising love and will be cast down. I, God of hosts, for whom nothing is impossible, will exterminate him."

[1] Jesus in Maria Valtorta's writings on the Antichrist: "He will be a person who will be very high, on high like a star. Not a human star shining in a human sky. But a star of a supernatural sphere, which, yielding to the flattery of the Enemy, will know pride after humility, atheism after faith, lust after chastity, hunger for gold after evangelical poverty, thirst for honors after concealment."
6. I no longer recognize Myself in this Church

Jesus: "Look, occultism, how it goes. They go to magicians to make cards, to astrologers. It is like an unhealthy wave that spreads, it works in the media, so that it can be spread more and more so that it becomes habitual in the common mentality to make use of it. 

 All it takes is a little and they come to it out of pure curiosity, because they no longer adhere to My will to the life that I prepare for them and all it takes is a sacrifice, a setback and they immediately seek their refuge and their solutions.

From Me they do not come and they prefer the wolf who covers himself with false light that can satisfy them immediately, but binds them with chains from which they can no longer escape. They turn to it more and more, to the point of devoting themselves to evil itself. Show business people who desire success and beauty, politicians, the educated, the educated, those who think they are intelligent and learned, have recourse to it in order to have power. Part of my Church and of my people resort to it.

What do they want: to create a paradise on earth made only of human pleasures? The earth has been given for sanctification. On it there are certainly joys, but they must be lived with Me. My Church is responsible. Why does it not condemn this spread of occult evil?

In My children faith has become rational practices. Do they not know that there is a battle between the forces of good and evil, between darkness and light?

I no longer recognize Myself in this Church and in this world that I love. We need communion, so many communions, my adoration, the ardor of prayer, the martyrdom of the saints, the prayer to the angels, the prayer and veneration in the Church to St. Michael the Archangel, the exorcisms. They are always the same weapons, but how effective they are.

In My Church, few priests are in charge of exorcisms. They pay little attention to them, or they do not feel like fighting against the enemy. So is also the Antichrist, that sect which spreads and causes evils everywhere. And you do not know how much atonement is necessary for this sin.

For the workers of occultism even the fiery furnaces will be opened. I am so torn by this evil that I can hardly speak to you and be heard. Even the air you breathe is unhealthy. Every day the sun rises and the days seem to be the same one after the other, but the radiant day (the New Age) will come after My purification (the Great Tribulation) that even the oxygen will be purified, will become pure. The looks, the faces will be radiant. Also the work of man.

You do not realize what a serious period you are living through. The world is falling and rolling more and more towards the precipice of sin. They say that God does not suffer. But how can a father refrain from suffering for his children who are going to perdition?"

7. The plan of the Masonic Church

Jesus: "How the Church suffers, how I am unworthy of it. [The Masonic Church seeks to subvert and hinder the plans of the Holy Father. Those who oppose him are the high prelates, cardinals, who form with their ranks the work of antichrist. They hate him and intend to form a powerful institution to rule over the people with various laws that do not belong to me, which if accepted would cease to be my Church.

A great cardinal in Rome increases the satanic rites.

A great cardinal in Rome increases satanic rites with the help of priests and has them performed in the same basilicas. His objective is to gain more power and to take the place of the Holy Father. If until now My Institution subsists, it is because of the merits of a Pope who knows all these maneuvers and because of the merits of your Heavenly Mother, with Her work, Her movements, faithful souls and suffering souls.

There will come a time, however, when the Antichrist will succeed in killing the Holy Father. This will be the sacrifice, the abomination, the beginning of many sorrows, in order to place himself in his seat and create a new Church. Those who do not want to adhere will be killed. Many priests and others who wish to remain faithful to the integrity of My Spirit will be martyred.

These men, who occupy prestigious positions in My Church, are apparently serious, correct, calm, but it is all a façade. Within their hearts there is evil, darkness, ambition corrodes them. I called them with love, they came with fervor, although from good families, but the desire for power has corroded their souls.

They do not know that the martyrdom of the holy Father, the martyrdom of the holy priests, of the faithful, of the prayers that rise up, of the offering of the little ones, will bring forth flowers. This shed blood will be the incense that will purify the earth and ascend to Heaven. Before so much light and heat of holiness they will not be able to resist and the fire of the Holy Spirit will annihilate them.

As in My times, betrayal and sacrifice will not come from those far away but from those who live in My House, who eat My bread and must live in gratitude for My love. Just as then they outrage Me.

What pain, My daughter. Everything could still be stopped. If the people of today would pray, if My faithful would be more fervent, but all around there is so much indifference. Pray for My Church, for the difficult times it will have to go through, so that it may again be luminous and holy."

8. The purification of the Church

The purification of the Church

Jesus: "Look at this Church, your conclusions are correct. They receive me by the hand. How it hurts Me to be received like this. All these clothes uncovered. The person next to the priest gives Me without wearing a celebratory vestment. Not even thanksgiving, not even time is given.

What is left of Me? I am like food given to dogs. The sense of the sacred, the deep respect and adoration due to God, is lost. The outward signs are important so that souls can feel Me and contemplate Me incarnate. Instead, I become something trivial, increasing a brotherhood, yes, but a human brotherhood that has the time it can have. In the face of a problem it collapses. Oh, how responsible is My Church and these modern priests. Friendship with God is created with a relationship based on the sacredness of a deep love that reveres that which is great and deserves reverence.

A day will come for My people whose Eucharist, the sun, will be the sun for all (the New Age). Not a day will pass without them coming to Me to receive the light, the warmth, the love. I will be the center of their entire existence.

This Church is a pain that tears Me apart. It is so beautiful and full of monuments, so corrupt inside. They try to kill Me, they try to kill Me by removing Me from the life of hearts and souls and, if there is no conversion, they will still try to kill Me by removing everything from My Church, because they will try to eliminate faith in My Cross, in the veneration of My Mother, in the Real Presence of the Most Holy Trinity. What will be left?

Without My presence you will have no protection, no weapons to defend yourselves. Evil will have the door wide open to destroy and disfigure consciences and humanity. With whom will you ennoble your lives, from whom will you receive the strength and gentleness to overcome difficulties?

Ah, My Church. The time of your purification will come. It is only through her that you will be able to return.

Penance, My daughter, is part of life and today the Church no longer preaches it as a scandalous taboo. She does everything possible not to speak of it, but life is grafted onto suffering. Without it, you would not even taste the joys. It is the means of your path to reach the true goal which is in heaven. Without penance there is no repentance, man is not converted. Through it, as in a mirror, he sees his sins again. It is a light that passes through him to give him repentance.

  Without penance there is no repentance, man is not converted. Through it, as in a mirror, he sees his sins again. It is a light that pierces him to give him repentance and redemption. In the same way, My Church must find purification and can find it in pain so that she understands her evils and returns."

9. I will return to build My Church

Jesus: "How many come to the Church and receive communion full of mud and of sins considered useless to confess, of prayers said with haughtiness because they demand certain favors and if they are not granted even more so they become indignant.

What is the use of coming to church? It is a sacrilege, a sin on top of other sins. Better are those who give Me pain, but they turn away and do Me no more harm.
My Church does not announce the salvific value of My Treasures. She does everything in a low voice, often distorting and changing My truth. It must be promulgated, taught with humility, but with vigor and clarity, with fortitude, because this is what souls need: certainty and security to cling to and live.

My daughter, in these last painful times everything is contaminated, pray, invoke. Wait for the new times, await with joy the resurrection of My Church, which becomes more beautiful and pure than before. Behold, it is like the birth of a son. For this new creature to be viable, the labors and pains of childbirth must take place. Through them it is purified and finally a new Church is born and returns.

It is like in My mortal times. I bothered with My holiness, My work, My Word, and for this they killed Me. They killed My Body so as not to give birth to My Church. Now they seek to destroy Me. They destroy Me in the Church itself by distorting Me in the truth, contaminating it in order to make themselves masters of God, and do they not know that God is the author of life and that He cannot be destroyed? He resurrects eternally.

As in the dawn of creation man's sin was pride, even today it is the same sin: wanting to be similar or superior to God, and they try to annihilate Me, usurping and trampling on My Eucharist. They say: "God does nothing", and they do not know that He allows them to act in order to await their conversion. I am near them, I call them with My Word, I feed them in My House, but they do not want Me. They are fully disposed to persecute Me and to give themselves over to evil.

I let the wheat field be invaded by the tares, it almost chokes it, but I come with My divine breath and I will burn, I will burn all the tares and the field will again be full of golden wheat.

Who is like God, how can they oppose Me? Do they not know that as then, in My earthly life, they seemed to win? Almost everything will die with their iniquitous work, but I will return, I will return glorious and I will recover My Church."

10. The Church needs holy priests

Jesus: "Pray for priests. If you only knew how important the holiness of the priesthood is. They are very dear to Me. I love them, I appreciate them, I watch over their steps, their gestures, their thoughts, so dear to Me is their health.

Jesus: "Pray for priests. If you only knew how important the holiness of the priesthood is. They are very dear to me. I love them, I appreciate them, I watch their steps, their gestures, their thoughts, their holiness is so dear to Me. The priest is sacred, he is called to represent Me, to be Christ, to consecrate My bread which is My Person. His life must be an offering of purity, of love, of light.

The Church subsists and lives because I am there and I sanctify her, but the Church needs holy priests. Without them it collapses, it does not sustain itself, and I look for them, I look for them with the lantern. Oh how I long for the new times (the New Age), when My Church will have new children, children who love Me and serve Me with the heart of a child.

How the holiness of the priest is linked to the holiness of the people. If a priest loves, prays, worships God, how many of My children will return to worship Me. If a priest is temperate in eating, how many children will no longer fall into the sins of gluttony. If a priest neither defrauds nor steals in church, how many will stop stealing. If a priest is no longer greedy, proud or power-seeking, how many people become simple and content with what the Father gives them. If my ministers no longer fall into lust, into sins of the flesh, but clothe themselves with purity, [how many] return to chastity."

11. The wicked will perish in the chair of Peter.

Jesus: "To the Church to which you pray I say: the evil that lives is like a dying man who turns away to die, but the sincere prayer of her children is the pacemaker that allows her heart to beat unceasingly, they are a breath of oxygen.

The times foretold by Our Lady are approaching. The iniquitous man will become more present and powerful in the Church. He will succeed in ascending Peter's throne and ruling her according to his commands, snatching from her what is fundamental to her, that is, the word of God and the Eucharist, in order to be himself adored as God. The time of his glory will not be long. When he thinks he is most victorious, it will be the time of his fall.

The Holy Spirit who covers the throne of Peter, who is fire and truth, the same fire will cast him down, burn him and lead him to hell to which he has consecrated his soul. In the dark time there will be darkness in the Church and the faithful will live their faith as in the catacombs and in hiding. Many martyrs will shed their blood, and it will be this just blood that will be shed as the fruit of expiation for the Church, blood that will fall in reparation upon the outraged See of Peter, blood that will cry out from the earth to Me as in the days of Abel. God called Cain to account, who had to flee, persecuted. The wicked, who will not be converted, can only flee to hell.

This time of darkness will be a time of atonement for My Church and, the wicked having perished, a new Holy Father will sit on the Chair of Peter to strengthen its foundations, the Word of God and the Eucharist. It will be the day of triumph and of My resurrection. He will return to Me with renewed love. Also the people who have remained faithful, who have suffered and atoned, will return to fill My temples, to adore Christ the Eucharist day and night, to place the Eucharist at the center of their lives so that I may say: "These are My people, I am no longer a divided God, but I am God with you and in your midst. You will live everything with Me, I will be at the center of your existence, of your work, of your family and of your loves so that the road and the path of life may become sweet to lead you gently towards My Kingdom."