The Latest Victims of Francis' Spying System

On 3 April, MessaInLatina reported that the Vatican gendarmerie had been investigating leaks for some time, mainly from the Fabbrica di San Pietro, but also from the Roman Vicariate.

Then, on 13 April, it emerged that the Vatican had attempted to take action against, a blog that has published information on precisely these issues.

According to MessaInLatino, three people are under investigation: Monsignor Mauro N.; the lay functionary Antonio G.; and Patrizio M., the secretary of a high prelate of St Peter's. Their computers and mobile phones were confiscated. One of them was detained for several hours.

The Fabbrica di San Pietro is responsible for the conservation, maintenance and use of St Peter's Basilica. It is headed by the Archpriest of the Basilica. After Francis replaced the former archpriest, Cardinal Comastri, with Cardinal Gambetti, there is a tense climate among the staff.

There are many complaints about the deterioration of cleanliness and order in the Basilica, apart from Francis' ban on celebrating Holy Mass in Saint Peter's.

According to MissaInLatino, "the North Korean climate in the Vatican Curia is getting worse and worse".

Vatican officials have a dual mobile phone. They are very careful about their use of email, instant messaging applications and private phone calls.

Francis' secret police regularly use bugs to listen in on conversations. As a result, private conversations take place outside the Vatican offices.

According to MissaInLatino, a high-ranking employee in the Roman Vicariate was fired after making some private comments about Francis that were overheard by the cleaning lady and passed on directly or indirectly to the dictator.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsOjhzjxabim