They are now FINING people for using wood stoves!


UNREAL: They are now FINING people for using wood stoves!

People in Britain can now be fined £300 for heating their house with firewood.


The climate agenda is going too far.

Another day goes by, and yet another insane climate law has been decided upon, all in the name of protecting the environment.

Now people living in South Gloucestershire in Britain can be fined if they want to heat their homes with firewood. Yes, you read that correctly.

With skyrocketing electricity prices, some people might try and save some money on heating by starting a cozy fire in the fireplace. But no...

This is bad for the environment as burning firewood emits bad particles they say.

But fear not! The Environmental health manager said that support would be available such as grants and low-interest LOANS so that homeowners can improve insulation in their houses and get renewable energy.

Really, people are being offered to take up a LOAN to insulate their house? In other words, that will costs people money.

With this push for useless wind turbines, naturally energy prices are going to go up in price. Because it is really simple. When the wind doesn't blow, there is no electricity being produced. Ironically, we need the correct weather for the wind turbines to work.

People that break the rules and decide to use their wood stove anyway, risk being fined £300.

With all the talk about 15 minute cities, what will be next?

My guess is climate lockdowns of some sort. Perhaps if you exceed your personal carbon limit, you will be banned from driving for a month.

It might be called a "conspiracy theory" now, but come back to me in a few years...