Trump continues to support vaccines


Trump breaks with RFKennedy Jr.: calls his views on vaccination wrong

In a shocking statement just released by Trump, he stated that he prefers Biden over RFK Jr. and called his views on vaccines wrong 😳.

This raises the question of why Trump refuses to acknowledge the Covid vaccine disaster, especially considering he tweeted about the connection between vaccines and autism in 2014.

Tom Renz, a Trump supporter, believes it's because his campaign manager is Susan Wyles. She is a behind-the-scenes power player with close ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

She works for a company called Mercury LLC, which represents Pfizer, Gilead, GAVI and the United Nations Foundation.

Renz warns that this is a very important issue for people. Many have lost jobs, friends, family and loved ones as a result of these vaccines and will not forget or forgive what was done to them.