When you hear unknown sounds coming from heaven...

Carbonia 18.04.2024

The Good Shepherd loves His sheep, calls them back to Himself, leads them to His fold.

The Good Shepherd loves His sheep, calls them back to Himself, leads them to His fold.

Be docile to His call that you may have shelter in Him. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, as Such, He wants His sheep to follow Him.

My people, beloved people, wake up! Seek Me! I have so much to give you in love and jubilation, enter My Holy fold, O man, waste no more time, in moments you may no longer recognize what is going on around you.

Mountains collapse, rivers overflow, earthquakes follow one another, volcanoes erupt, but men do not want to understand, they close their eyes to all that is happening in the world, certain that everything will pass: ... poor children, now you will drink the bitter cup of your sins, you will be put to the test: repent now, before darkness takes your souls completely.

The fuse is about to be lit, the Devil is now on the ropes and wants to destroy the Earth and mankind before he is chained to Hell by the Lord God. His revenge will not succeed because God will send His Son to say His enough.

Jesus is about to manifest Himself to the world with His heavenly Army, St. Michael is in command: when God gives the order, nothing can be stopped, ...It is God's enough! ...It is His justice!

When you hear unknown sounds coming from heaven, pay attention, and wait, for, near is the justice of God, the Father's wrath will be terrible, do not be foolish, put judgment in you, do not be lost.
At the command of the Father of Life, the Heavenly Army will enter into combat to put an end to Evil.
The Blessed Virgin is already preparing with Her children, those prepared by Her, the little remnant faithful to Jesus, to intervene to crush the head of the ancient Serpent. She blesses God's children and exhorts them to have faith in Him who is Love. You will die to sin, O children of Love, you will rise new to new life, you will be joyful and you will be full of God because God will take you into Himself.