Archangel Uriel shows what will take place at the Warning


Archangel Uriel is an angel of wisdom.  He brings God’s truth to those who seek information, solutions, or wisdom. The name “Uriel” means “God is my light”.

He is also known as the archangel of justice and tears. Uriel is the leader of the entire angelic host in rabbinic Jewish tradition and is one of the few archangels to enter the direct presence of God.

At the very beginning of my spiritual and physical mission, I had no idea as to who Archangel Uriel was. As I continued learning from the direct teachings from Our Lady of Grace, I began to understand more of the army of Angels and Saints that were to be with all of us on this spiritual journey and battle.

Archangel Uriel

He was introduced to me by Our Blessed Mother. This guy is awesome. He is a strong and fearless Warrior of God. He is almost 12 foot tall and dressed like a roman soldier. He has blonde hair and is very muscular---my best angelic friend since we were first introduced.

The Warning: He was telling and showing me that the Warning is an Act of Mercy from God the Father. He is allowing this to happen for all people to see their souls as God sees their souls. This will be a blessing to all mankind and each person will have to make their own choice.

He was given this task because it is not appropriate for Our Blessed Mother to describe what follows:

“Archangel Uriel” pointed to the carcass of a dead animal. He showed and allowed me to see the decomposed body of an animal in a secluded dark wilderness with the smell and odor of sulfur and the screams of those in hell. The smell was so terrible and horrible that I could hardly breathe. I could see the hundreds of worms and maggots eating and multiplying on this carcass as other creatures joined in the eating of the dead animal. The flesh was decomposed and deteriorating, and I could hear evil laughter in the background. Then, in the flash of a second, the animal changed into a human being. This person was seeing his soul as God sees him in his current state of sin. This individual was in agony and was praying for death as he was being shown all the good and evil he had committed while he was alive on earth. Many were cursing but asking forgiveness from God. A second felt like eternity. The earth stood still. It was horrific as demons were laughing and chanting evil sounds. Many were cursing God all around this person. The person was allowed to see all the evil that was caused by their sinful thoughts and actions while still alive on earth. Again, the sounds and smells were horrific.


My Comment

Many of the believers that had made God the Lord of their lives were spared much of the pain and suffering during the Warning. Those that had consecrated their lives and spirits to God had a more gentle and loving experience.   

The time they experienced the Warning could not be measured in real time. Each person had their own insight of what choice to make. Some assumed that they were already condemned to eternal damnation. This was a horrific experience for me witnessing what was taking place to billions of people. I got on my knees and prostrated myself before God and prayed for forgiveness for all the sins I had committed and turned away from. I was shown the Agony of Jesus Christ at the crucifixion as He gave His life for our salvation and took upon Himself all the sins of mankind.

Everyone knew that their sin was the cause of the Passion of and suffering Jesus as he paid a horrendous price for our sins. Many had a knowing why they were being shown their future. For a moment, which seemed like eternity, there was silence. Everyone experiencing this event knew that they had a choice to make. Sadly, some did not understand the choice---that they were being given a gift of mercy by God.

After these revelations, I was taken back to where I was at church during Mass.