Rev. John Hunwicke, a victim of Bergoglio


Rev. John Hunwicke, an Oxford scholar, linguist, and former Anglican parson who became a Catholic priest in 2012 for the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, died on April 30, after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Since 2022, his ill health and heart made it difficult for him to walk and breathe. He was a highly learned, truly listening and kind man who showed deep respect even for his theological enemies. In his spare time, he could be found reading the classics and Latin and Greek poetry.

For thirty years, he taught Latin and Greek. He described himself as stern teacher but he was also humorous and entertaining. Rev. Hunwicke used his erudition to defend the Roman Rite. Before the failed Novus Ordo was introduced, Hunwicke learned the Roman Rite when he still was an Anglican seminarian at St Stephen's House in Oxford.

Joseph Shaw, president of the English Latin Mass Society, writes in an obituary that Hunwicke, then an Anglican parson, joined the society as a friend, since only Catholics could be full members. After becoming a Catholic priest, Hunwicke was always willing to help the Latin Mass Society in any way he could: celebrating leading pilgrimages, teaching Latin.

For many years, Rev. Hunwicke was a much-loved participant at the annual summer symposium 'Roman Forum' in Gardone Riviera, Italy.

In his 2014 lecture at the 'Roman Forum', Hunwicke presented a parody of "various authors" of Homer’s Iliad in order to expose the outdated "historical-critical" method that some conservative exegetes still apply to the Bible.

At the 'Roman Forum', Hunwicke regularly gave interviews to From early on, he noticed that Francis was [clumsily] using ambiguity to achieve his goals. He quickly understood that in Francis' vocabulary, “dialogue” meant “submission”. For Hunwicke, Francis’ heart was corrupt and his actions disgraceful and “evil”.

Speaking about the liturgy in one of his interviews, Hunwicke explained that the Canon of the Mass traces back to the Apostles. Liturgical studies show that early Christian worship was not a table fellowship but had a „ritual complexity.“

In conscience, he could not sign a paper full of liturgical and historical errors that his superior presented to him after "Traditionis custodes".

Hunwicke was once placed on a list of contributors to the ‘International Commission on English in the Liturgy’ (ICEL) and chosen to translate a text. But later, his name was later withdrawn because of the veto of a bishop. Hunwicke was certain that this prelate was Mgr. Arthur Roche, the current Vatican Prefect for the Destruction of the Liturgy.

Rev. Hunwicke is survived by his deeply beloved wife, children, and grandchildren. Requiescat in pace.