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The Vatican is Satan's cave on Earth --Conchiglia

If these linguistic indications were not enough, we have further elements to consider that Benedict XVI has never wanted to divest himself of his papal power. Unlike his predecessors who have renounced the supreme pontificate, he, in fact, wanted to keep the Papal name and his white vestment, as Jesus asked him through the Revelation given to him in Conchiglia el:

February 02, 2011 - 11.02 - Jesus.

[...] The Vestments with which you are unclothed...are powerful by My Will, therefore take care of them and protect them but divest yourself of every other privilege and depart from the Pharisees and the scribes of today. [...]

The justification he gave to those who asked for reason was this: "the maintenance of the white habit and the name Benedict is simply a practical matter. At the time of the resignation there were no other vestments available...".

July 10, 2013 - 03.00 - Jesus

"A Pope Emeritus is always a Pope...

but no longer subject to the strong Powers.

Powers that have done everything to hinder and ridicule him Powers that, however, did not calculate My move...

My request that he stay away from the Vatican.

They would have wanted to assassinate him but they could not

for thus they would have fulfilled the prophecy that was given to you Conchiglia

and about you they prefer to remain silent... since they fear you.

I have accepted the offer of your life for Benedicto

and that life of yours I will consume drop by drop...

drops that will be tears and blood

but fear not, Conchiglia, for they will be fruitful.

While still in the Vatican...

though separated from the Vatican...

he will be able to exercise his spiritual power

guiding those who turn to him in search of light and shelter...

and against this the strong Powers can do nothing.

Strong Powers... what words!...

let us correct them by saying... "demonic powers losers"...

for I am stronger than evil...

and I will unmask one by one all those deceitful hypocrites who yesterday were in agreement with Benedict and today have betrayed him... the same ones who falsely entertained him...

just to obtain favors and prestige.

But as we know... man is fickle...

and now they are giving a gift to "who" according to them is in power. It is a power that will not last long but will do a lot of damage.

This was bound to happen, as I have already said.

The Apostles announced it....

Terrible will be the moment.

Vicarius Filii Dei...

this is the name of the beast that I reveal to you Conchiglia, each letter corresponds to a Roman numeral...



C 100






F I1

L 50



D 500


I1 __________

666 VICARIVS FILII DEI ( Vicar of the Son of God )

He is the one who has given birth to that which had been conceived by Satan and through the cursed number will hold Humanity in check. Do not accept for any reason whatsoever at the cost of physical death the "mark of his name".

Do not accept his evil doctrine which leads you away from Me... your Jesus of Love. Guard the sacredness of My Church... guard the Liturgy of My Church. Give Me love...

give Me honor...

respect the Kingship of God...

respect the Laws of God.

Love Me on the Cross and keep hope... for I am Risen. 

Mary, Mother of God and Mother of you...

Mother of the Church and Queen of the Universe.

Two Popes cannot coexist in the Vatican and the one who wants to destroy My Church

cannot be My Vicar but the Vicar of Satan... therefore, he must leave My House.

for the Throne he has occupied... he has taken it by deception

and is worthless in My Eyes even though it is recorded on paper.

The lukewarm are not warning... for (they are) lukewarm...

all the heresies and the spoliation of My Church.

I Jesus Am God... I am the Sons of God.

Second Person of the Divine Trinity.

There are no other religions in My eyes.


Away with all traitors.

Away with all idolaters.

Away. Away. Away.

The Vatican is the Roman Empire without God...

which has spread over all parts of the world.

The Vatican is Satan's den on Earth.

I appeal to the moral order

to the Priests... Bishops and Cardinals who love Me.

Do not be afraid...

rebel against the new murder of God.

Do not be afraid... proclaim the truth about Me.

Take care of the flock that is in the hands of a false shepherd...

thirsting for the glory of the world.

Pay no attention to appearances...

they are a clever disguise

put on the stage to deceive the multitudes...

Unfortunately there are already many who are deceived even among the elect. The exultant celebrating multitudes...

Are sheep heading for the slaughter."