Life after the Great Purification

"May Your Spirit come, Lord, to rule the course of history and renew the face of the earth" (Liturgy of the Hours, Volume II, Preces of Vespers 7 week of Easter, Wednesday).

At the end of the Great Tribulation with the three days of darkness, many will wonder how the Kingdom of God will come about. First we must understand that the Kingdom of God was the first reason for Jesus' preaching "Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand" (Matthew 4:17 Nacar Colunga). We must also understand that although we already have the Kingdom of God in potential in the Church and in the Sacramental life, this is only a potential possession, and that the fullness of the Kingdom of God will be given only in the New Heavens and the New Earth (cf. Isaiah 65:17-25). 

Read what the Lord says about this through His Secretary Mary Jane Even:

PART ONE: "Every moment of time has been calculated by Heaven. Each person's life has been recognized by God who created each one with the traits and characteristics that only God can make. The various differences in language, social norms and existing cultures are due to the separation of people at the Tower of Babel, when they blasphemed God and pretended to be equal to Him".

These differences were never intended to separate them from God or to change their religious practices. But each group formed a new race, a new religion and way of revering their God. Some chose to separate themselves from the God of Heaven. There was always, however, the design on the part of God in the highest of Heaven, to receive Honor, reverence, thanksgiving and praise from a part of the people He created.

When mankind chose to change image and form and adopt new gods, they did a great injustice to God the Creator, and it was therefore necessary for God the Father to send His Son to prove that God exists, God loves, God creates, and God must be given the necessary reverence and honor.

And so it was that, over time, a portion of the people were converted into the society in the midst of which the Son of God would come to earth. To accomplish this, God chose various prophets and mystics of old, who led these people to the worship of the true God.

All those (Noah, Melchizedek, and Abraham) who continued to recognize, reverence, worship and give thanks to the true God of Heaven, gave great Glory to God the Creator, even though they did not know His name or how to worship Him. But they tried to do so and created forms of worship, described in the Old Testament. This pleased God and he continued to help them and they loved him as the highest and noblest, the most powerful and worthy of praise, for they recognized that God the Creator was the one who created and formed all things.

PART TWO: It was not until I, JESUS CHRIST was born, that mankind became aware of the religion called CATHOLIC, I brought them a new way of worship, praising and loving God the Creator. I preached it and people followed me. However, my children, that way had always existed (genesis 14, 18-22) because it was designated from eternity by God in the Holy Trinity. The form and substance of the Catholic Faith has existed from all eternity, and I, coming into the world, had to make it known.

The ways of God are not the ways of men. You cannot understand how all this was done, nor why. That does not really matter, does it?

But to know it all truthfully is a great enlightenment to many and a gift of heaven's plans.

I want to affirm that it was also known of a time-as in the days of Babel-when other men would make themselves as gods among men and declare themselves equal to God. That time is now, my children. And as in the days of old, God needs to divide, reform and renew all that was once created, and as in the days of old, men are now blaspheming God by calling themselves gods. Therefore the time has come to divide, to end an Age, leaving only those who recognize the truths of God in the Holy Trinity.

He, God in the Holy Trinity, will again create and reform mankind in His image and likeness, and will again prepare a people for His Son and the Mother of His Son to reign in the new and holy Age. This new Age will last about 1500 years.

Then, all will proceed with the same Faith professed by their King and Queen, for only Catholics will live at this time, on earth.

Then the word Catholic will fall into disuse, for all will be Catholic. There will be a new title to identify the Faith during that Age.

PART THREE: The King and Queen who will rule on earth during this Age, will be Jesus Christ, Son of the Eternal Father, and His Most Holy Mother the Virgin Mary. They will live on earth in the New Jerusalem, brought to earth by the Angels at the command of the Holy Queen, and they will establish their home on earth in a reformed and repopulated land.

This means, my children, that everyone on earth will be ruled every day by the KING and QUEEN of Heaven, who will provide for all their needs.

Every year, every person on earth will pay homage to the King and Queen, visiting and paying them homage of praise, honor and gratitude, seeking and receiving at the same time, their instructions. For their part, the King and Queen will also travel to speak to and instruct their faithful vassals.

Life on earth will be centered in acts of worship and prayer, in honor, praise and thanksgiving to God and to his Blessed Mother, who will receive royal honors and recognition at her son's side. This is the reign of Peace. This will be the time when the glory of the QUEEN of Heaven will be known, revered and honored by all people and the Church will give Her the acclamations She deserves. Here will be verified The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary because She has made all things new for JESUS CHRIST, Her Son, Her King and Her Lord.

PART FOUR: The people of the earth will live in peace. They will grow in virtue and Holiness, as all will engage in prayer and acts of devotion. They will participate fully in all forms of devotion of the Church. They will all be guided by holy Priests and Bishops, under the direction of a Holy Pontiff chosen by My Blessed Mother. It will be a life of serenity and charity towards the neighbor and all will have the same goals and ideals of life.

The new ways of life will be more humble and yet I and My Blessed Mother will provide for all needs; the Holy Scriptures declare that there will be an abundance of fruits and that the water will have life-giving power. Food will grow in the fields quickly and the crops, irrigated by this life-giving water, will be abundant, healthy and of great nutritional value.

The work of the men will consist in cultivating the food. That of the women will be the care of the children, the teachers will be engaged in teaching. Those whose current work will then be non-existent or unnecessary, will have to redirect the gifts and skills received by God and train in new areas.

Yes, there will be business, but not like today, because there will be neither the equipment nor the machines and manufacturing of today. Oh no, we will return to simpler lifestyles. Living in this ERA of peace will be such a great joy that it will make us very happy, serene and greatly blessed by God. We will enjoy an easier life, the earth and its fruits.

However, everyone is supposed to be involved in some kind of work, in manual trades, in useful and necessary construction, in decoration, sewing, manufacture of dresses, shoes, quilts, utensils etc.... Everything will be done by everyone. Each person will occupy himself daily in prayer, work and recreation. Everyone will live in virtue. Through Prudence they will live a balanced life and through justice, they will live honorably.

PART FIVE: There will be regional governments, but not as you know them now. There will be governors and kings, but not as you know them. There will be schools for all children.

All adults will also receive instruction. There will be hospitals and clinics, convents and seminaries. There will be all the basic services of humanity, but not as you know them.

Many men will want to be Priests and many women will want to be Religious, in imitation of Jesus and Mary. They will all come before the King and Queen of the earth to receive permission and Blessing upon their desires and vocation. Yes, We shall rule all things, especially that which pertains to My Church on earth.

SIXTH PART: In the beginning many languages will be spoken upon the earth, but later, only English, French and Latin, which will be the language of the Church, all will learn those languages in due time, until that time comes, all will understand each other in whatever language they speak.

People from all present nations will inhabit the earth during the Kingdom of Peace, but not all nations will be included in the restructuring of the earth after the great chastisement.

Only one-fourth of the world's population will exist on earth when the Peace Reign begins.

There will be births and deaths during this Age, but all who die will go to Heaven. It is a natural condition to die, but after this era begins, people will live longer, as their souls, flooded with Divine Grace, will be sustained for a longer period. So, initially people will live 70 - 80 - 90 years as now, but then, after living for a longer period of time, they will live longer.

There will be births and deaths during this Age, but all who die will go to Heaven. It is a natural condition to die, but after the beginning of this era, people will live longer, as their souls flooded with Divine Grace, will be sustained for a longer period. So, initially people will live 70 - 80 - 90 years as now, but then, after living full of Divine Grace and perfect health, people will live for 120 - 140 - 180 years or more.

Some of those who die at present, will occasionally return to earth to perform selected works. For my children, since the King and Queen of heaven and earth are on earth, all of Heaven will respond to your wishes and there will be interaction: Heavenly spirits will be prepared to transcend and cross the regions between Heaven and earth as they are called upon to render aid on earth.

Each day, during the great ceremonies of honor and glory of the Saints and Angels, they will bring them to the feet of their King and Queen to receive their blessings as they do now in Heaven, but then it will be on earth, as the King and Queen will be present here on earth. There will be much rejoicing among the Angels and Saints, as they continually desire to give greater glory to God.

Those of my children who survive the Great Chastisement, will have the blessed opportunity to live in a glorious temple. My children, this is something you must know, so that this will sustain you and help you to persevere in these most difficult times, for this is very close to happening.

Persevere, my children, persevere.

PART SEVENTH: My children, I speak of these things not to direct your attention to the pleasures of the Kingdom of Peace, though there are many, but rather, to give you a hint of the coming Age and to help you recognize more clearly that this Age is indeed coming to an end. Knowing this, they will not be so concerned about their personal belongings, their precious "things" of earth. You will realize that these things are only for this Age and not for the next.

Do not worry about what you will wear or where you will work or how you will live.

For, my children, I will teach you. Think now of those things that will best assure you a place in the Kingdom of Peace. Now is the time to pray and implore God's forgiveness. It is time to study and learn the ways of heaven. Get to know Me and My Mother by reading our lives. Read about the Saints and other heavenly Messengers. Prepare yourselves in mind and heart, in body and soul. Fast, pray and willingly accept the small and great sacrifices I send you. Live in peace in your "misery", as some say, The end is near. Soon all will be over.

Mary Jane Even