Ye shall be raptured during the night

Carbonia December 17, 2016

It is the hour of My coming. Wait for Me with true love, be witnesses of My Love, call all those who are far from Me.


You will see the heavens open. You will see the Son of Man descending on the clouds, you will see His Face and you will be in His infinite Love!

You will find yourselves savoring all that life has not given you.

My children, beloved of your Jesus, behold, I come to you in custody, I take you to My bosom and I give you My infinite Love.

My children, look at those who have no faith, look at their unhappiness, they lack hope, they do not have the least desire for true life, they live in death and walk in death, slaves of their god, the god they have taken in My place.

Beloved creatures of Mine, sing My praises, awaken in your hearts the burning desire for Me. Hear My children, My cry of Love in you, prepare the way for My return, everything is already finished, time already marks the end of all things that do not belong to you.

You, God's chosen ones, will soon be catapulted into the infinite Totality of Me and you will be healed of all evil and you will be the Image and Likeness of Me, I am your Totality, your God, Love and Creator!

With this saying of Mine, I come to announce My return "now", wait for Me with true love, always ready to meet your God-Love.

In the night, you will be taken, and you will be placed in a new life, where I will be your Only Love, your Only God, who will open to you all His Good and will place you in His Eternity, and you will enjoy His same Divine Nature, because in Him you will enter and in His Divinity you will be!!! Now, strong as lions, go to announce My return.

The floodgates of the heavens are opened by My intervention, man is absent from Me, he does not imagine in the least that I will return to give him life in Me.

Pray for all mankind, that in these last moments they may repent and return to true life in Him who is Life.

May your hearts rejoice, may the Savior God rejoice in Me.

The Grotto will now shine with a new light, the light which I Myself promised you; do not be sad, but rejoice, for you already know the day of My coming.