Angels with Trumpets Announce the Coming of our Lord

As we left the souls in the run-down warehouse in Purgatory, the Angel said, “You have to come now with me as our Lord is preparing a beautiful surprise for you.”

When the Angel brought me back home, I was really surprised and stunned by what I saw.

The front yard between my house and my sister’s house was full of angels—beautiful tall angels. They were special angels. They all had beautiful shoulder-length hair and wore white gowns with gold trimming, which glittered not only on their white gowns but also on the tips of their beautiful white wings.

So much gleaming light emanated from them as they stood in a row, their wings pointed up towards heaven.

To the right of each Angel was a huge, beautiful green palm branch. With both their hands, each Angel held a long golden trumpet, more than a metre long. They had them to their mouths, ready to blow them.

I was so amazed at the vision that I thought they had come to take me and my brother-in-law.

Then one of the angels spoke and said, “We are sent by our Lord Jesus to tell you that we are the angels who go to all the continents of the world to announce the Coming of our Lord Jesus. Wherever we go, a sign will be given to each continent to repent and to make clean the road for the Lord to come. Repentance is now the most important that our Lord wants for all humanity in the world.”

While they were talking to me, I observed everything and listened intently to what they were saying, as I knew that as soon as they would sound their trumpets, terrible things would happen in the world.

Later, I returned to my room, switched on the light and sat down. I said, “Oh, my goodness, me. Lord, I panicked so much, I thought the angels came to get me and my brother-in-law.”

I know that when the Angels announce the Coming of Jesus, they have to purify the world.

As I said my prayers, our Lord said, “Fear not and write down what you saw. What the angels announced to you is all reality. You should be very joyful for My Coming.”

Later, during the Holy Mass, our Lord came again and said, “All that was shown to you is reality. My angels are now going all around the world to announce My Coming.”

“Write down what I tell you and what you experience. You know, My child Valentina, there is so much confusion in the world today. People who receive messages from Me are very few. The real, true messages that I speak through people—not much notice is being taken of them. They are being pushed aside.”

Lord Jesus, come quickly and have mercy on the whole world.