The Warning explained by the visionary of Garabandal


Conchita Gonzalez, who was 16 years old at the time:  
* That this Notice is linked to a phenomenon of nature; that this name exists in the dictionary and begins with the letter "A".  
* That the Notice is something that comes directly from God and will be seen all over the world at the same time.  
* That it will be like an accounting of our sins and will be seen and experienced by believers and non-believers alike and by people of all religions.  
* That the Warning is like a purification to prepare for the Miracle.  
* That it is also a kind of catastrophe, which will cause us to think of the dead, i.e., that we would rather be dead than experience the experience of the Warning.  
* That this Warning will be a correction of the conscience of the world, and those who do not know Christ, that is, those who are not Christians, will believe that it is a Warning from God.  
* That the most important thing about that day is that all the people of the world will see a sign, a grace or a chastisement within themselves, in other words, a Warning.  
* That they will find themselves completely alone in the world at that moment, wherever they are, alone with their conscience and before God. They will then see all their sins and what their sins have caused.  
* That each one will feel this event in a different way, because it will depend on the conscience of each one, since the sins are different for one person and for another.  
* The Notice will be linked to an astral phenomenon, as if two stars collided with each other; that this phenomenon will not produce physical damage, but it will frighten us, because at that precise moment we will see our souls and the damage we have done; it will be as if we were in agony, but we will not die from its effects, although it is possible that we will die of fear or from the impression of seeing ourselves.  
These revelations given in that small village coincide with so many others given throughout time all over the world, being able to ascertain that said WARNING will come as a last bell for humanity, which will find itself plunged in a deep planetary crisis.
Source: Revelaciones Marianas