The unsheathed sword of the Archangel is pointing towards the Earth --Carbonia

Carbonia 29.06.2024

The great purification is underway, God will transform all things.

Listen, My people,

listen to the voice of your Lord God.

Listen Israel, do not be distracted by vain things, the hour of maximum concentration has come for the salvation of your soul.

God calls to Himself all His children, He wants to save them from eternal death, He insistently calls to conversion.

An old time in sin is closing, God is opening the doors to the New Age, a new Paradise for His children, for all those who wish to embrace their Creator God again.

The gates of Heaven are opening, the Army led by St. Michael is ready, the unsheathed sword of the Archangel is pointing towards the Earth, ...the challenge is imminent!!!!!

God the Father, the Almighty Yahweh lowers His arm, ...punishment looms over this perverse Humanity.

Set it right now, before the cloud envelops you, oh men.

My children, oh you who have promised Me your gift of love and give Me support in this Project of salvation, My grace will be upon you.

Organize the places marked by My Cross, organize cenacles of prayer! Pray without ceasing, beloved children, for never before has there been so great a devastation.

A black cloud will rise and cover the Earth!

Men go unaware of what will now overwhelm them.

Rivers of blood will run through the streets of the Earth, they will cry out in despair, ...anguish and death there will be!!!!!

My children, do not turn your back on your Creator God, do not be foolish, all that you know now will disappear.

The great purification is taking place, God will transform everything, nothing will be left standing of what you know now, everything will be destroyed to be resurrected by the One who is the Creator God.

Do not cling to material goods, My children, nothing will remain of what you possess, I GOD, I will take everything away, I will sweep away everything and I will put men in sharing: no one will possess more than the other.

The New Life is in Me, I will possess everything and I will share it with My children, they will dwell in Me and enjoy Me eternally.

You who hide behind your hypocrisy, know that you can hide nothing from Me, I see your misery: beware, do not be proud of Me, I AM! He who mocks Me will suffer My justice!!!!

The liar, the man who, in his greed, denies his offering to the poor, ...the man who does not respond to the requests of his Creator, will be put in a condition of punishment: ...poor men, so petty! You who love your riches more than Me, you will no longer exist.

Enough of this! He who believes in Me and does My will will be rewarded by Me a hundred times for what he offers Me.

You have reached the end of this story, oh men, make your decisions quickly, I am coming, My justice is at work!