The Beast is approaching by leaps and bounds —Carbonia

Revelations from the GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia May 12, 2022

I come for you, my children.

I come for you, my children, I open my heavens to descend to you, be ready, with your feet shod, hips girded and staff in hand.

I am coming soon, ... this is the hour of the Redemption for my children, ... this day will not pass when you will see me!

The world is corrupt, my priests are lost in the miseries of Satan, in their veins flows the venom of the cursed Serpent.

My dear children, truly I tell you: I am about to make lightning fall from the sky! I will set the Earth on fire, I will purify it.

The House of David will reappear in Me, I will watch over it, I will keep it in Me.

The Beast is approaching by leaps and bounds, his desire is great, ... he is foaming at the mouth, he is in a hurry to sit on Peter's seat.

Ah, what misery in you traitors! You have worked alongside my enemy, you have welcomed him into my House, you honor him and follow him in my place.

Truly I tell you that suddenly you will find yourselves in a deep darkness, ... you will hear the mighty cry of the Father's justice!

You have glorified Satan, you have united with him against me, you have listened to and put into practice his laws, ... With you you have dragged many of the faithful to hell, you have distracted them with the things of the world, turning them away from the Truth.

Today God intervenes to put His House in order and to cleanse the unfaithful. Farewell children of Judas, ... Farewell! Go now to hell with the wretched god you have preferred to me.

Pity those who still hesitate in their choice, ... ... do not delay, for behold, I am coming! Amen.