Trust blindly in Me, even if everything seems dark and failed

My Soul, nothing should disturb you as long as you live configured to Me, even if things seem to go wrong for you. No one ever regretted anything while living in union with Me, for I am Truth and Life in fullness and can never contradict Myself. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Fear is not Mine, for the only fear souls have to fear is the fear of falling into sin. But if by living a life of righteousness you fear something, you must strengthen your prayer and trust in Me. He who abides in me bears much fruit (Jn 15:5). I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

How many times must I repeat the same thing? I bear with you because My patience has no limits, and because I know very well the human condition and your shortcomings, but children, you must fight against every fear, against everything that wants to put Me as a hard Judge and that does not let you pass even a single failure. I see your intentions and the level of guilt you have in the things that do not turn out well, but I also see the effort you put in and the apostolic zeal, and if you lacked effort or love, it is fair that things do not turn out perfectly, but if you put one hundred percent of effort and love, even so they did not turn out perfectly, you do not have to worry, because I use all the setbacks as very powerful fertilizer for My affairs, which will shine and flourish when I see the right moment.

You children, trust blindly in Me, even if everything seems dark and failed. The success of a Work, of something undertaken out of My love, is given by Me, it is not up to you, for you are simple and limited instruments and nothing more. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Go to the saints who went through their dark night and who had so many battles to fight in order to achieve everything as I inspired them. The final result is the one that counts, even if to reach the idealized goal, you have to go through hundreds, thousands! of vicissitudes. I, Jesus of Nazareth, speak to you and bless you. My peace to all who love Me.