"What We See Is Satanic" —M Yeadon

Former Pfizer Vice President: "What We See Is Satanic" 

Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer vice-president who warns about mRNA injections and about globalist changes, told DrDrew.com on Youtube.com (July 19) that, eventually, “you will only be able to pay with a bank card or an app, no cash.”

Yeadon presents a realistic future scenario, “You walk up to the shop door and you're required to beep your digital ID.” Through this ID they will immediately see what you said on social media, for example. If they don't like it the door to the food stores won't open.

Yeadon came to the conclusion that this is "satanic" and realised that he had allowed himself to fall out of touch with the Creator which led to his "conversion", "My life has been a lot better since."