Bergoglio Smells "Homosexual Air" in the Vatican


There is a "danger of ideologies" in the Church, Francis, himself highly ideological, said on 11th June during a meeting with 200 Roman priests at the Salesian University in Rome.

According to an earlier announcement, 500 priests were expected. But it is no secret that the Roman clergy is tired of Francis' nonsense. reports that Bergoglio returned several times to the subject of homosexuality, which is very close to his heart.

He trumpeted that "there is an air of faggotry in the Vatican", again using the Italian term "frociaggine" [=faggotry], an expression not used among normal people.

At the same time, he said that "if a boy has a homosexual tendency, it is better not to let him enter the seminary: they are good boys, but with this tendency, better not". Why, then, does the stench of homosexual sin ("frociaggine") permeate the Vatican, from which Francis kicks out anyone he doesn't like?

As he has done before, Francis recommended the Rev Lorenzo Milani, a left-wing homosexual with pederasty fantasies. Yesterday Bergoglio called him "a great one, a light for Italian priests".

Bergoglio's lying Vatican press office presented the following version of Francis' talk:

"He spoke of the danger of ideologies in the Church and returned to the question of the admission to seminaries of people with homosexual tendencies, reiterating the need to welcome and accompany them in the Church and the prudential indication of the Dicastery for the Clergy on their entry to the seminary".

Pope Frociesco also said that "traditionalists" were "not good".

Picture: Vatican Media, #newsFhdsffkuto