Message taken from Padre Pio's testament


Message taken from Padre Pio's testament and distributed by the Franciscan Priests to all the Catholic prayer groups in the world since Christmas 1990:

"The hour of chastisement is near, but I will manifest My Mercy. Our time will witness a terrible chastisement. My Angels will be in charge of exterminating all those who laugh at Me and do not believe My prophets. Hurricanes of fire will be hurled through the clouds and will spread over the whole earth, tempests, thunderstorms, uninterrupted rains, earthquakes will cover the earth.

For three days and three nights an uninterrupted rain of fire will then follow, to demonstrate that God is the Master of creation. Those who believe and hope in My Word will have nothing to fear, for I will not abandon them, nor will those who listen to My Messages. No evil will harm those who are in a state of grace and seek the protection of My Mother.

To you, prepare yourselves for this trial, I want to give Signs and Warnings. The night will be very cold, the wind will rise, there will be .... And thunder. Close all doors and windows. Do not talk to anyone outside the house. Kneel before your Crucifix. Repent of your sins. Pray to My Mother, to obtain Her Protection. Do not look away while the Earth trembles, for My Father's anger is Holy. The sight of His Wrath you could not bear.   

Those who do not heed this warning will be abandoned and instantly killed by the fury of the Divine Wrath.

The wind will carry poisoned gases that will spread throughout the Earth. Those who suffer innocently will be martyrs and will enter My Kingdom.

After the punishments, the Angels will descend from Heaven and spread the Spirit of Peace on Earth. A feeling of immeasurable gratitude will seize those who survive this terrible ordeal.

Pray the Rosary piously, as much as possible in common or alone. During these three days and three nights of darkness, only the candles blessed on Candlemas Day (February 2) may be lighted, and they will give Light without being consumed."