Graphene and 5G - It all makes sense!

Do you know why they keep forcing you to wear a mask even though you are vaccinated, and it has been proven a hundred times over to be an illusory protection against viruses?

The answer is that all masks contain graphene oxide nanoparticles that they want you to inhale.

Do you know why we are still being PCR tested, even though it has been said a hundred times that this test is 95% unreliable?

The answer is that the end of the swab is loaded with graphene nanoparticle oxide that goes directly into the brain.

Do you really know why they want to vaccinate everyone?

Because the (supposedly) mRNA vaccines are crammed with graphene oxide nanoparticles that will turn you into a walking antenna and reinforce the work and spread of (...) HYDROGEL DARPA.

Do you really know why they want to re-vaccinate us every 6 months against hypothetical "new variants" (of the flu)?

To recharge the graphene, which, contrary to what some claim, the body eliminates little by little.

Finally, did you know that high-level athletes lose 10 to 20% of their performance after vaccination with "mRNA"?

Discovering the truth 

I had already pointed out the hundreds of curious testimonies on the Internet of vaccinated people who magnetically "stick" small iron or stainless steel objects to the injection site - it is not a trick or a burlesque magic gag.

The Orwell City site was the first to report the presence of graphene oxide in injections, masks and tests, thanks to its English translations of The Fifth Column site, which posted a summary video entitled "the perfect murder weapon" on Rumble.

La Quinta Columna summarizes the results of Dr. José Luis Sevillano's research in the last year and a half, but especially in the last few months, since he has been able to measure, with the help of teslometers, magnetometers, etc., the magnetic or pseudo-magnetic phenomena that people acquire after inoculation, and the storage of energy in certain places, such as the forehead, which can be measured with a multimeter.

It turned out that those inoculated, in addition to being highly magnetic, become electrical superconductors. It was this last aspect that led Dr. Luis Sevillano's research in analyzing samples of vaccine vials to graphene, which is in principle an industrial superconductor used to store and condense electrical energy. This evidence has been confirmed by UV spectroscopy, electron microscopy and electromagnetic frequencies.

The company NANOGRAFI has admitted that graphene oxide is present in masks, PCR tests, antigenic tests, hydrogel, and also in flu vaccines, as well as in Turkey's intranasal vaccine spray.

Coincidentally, the market for graphene oxide nanoparticles soared when the Covid alert began in December 2019 and January 2020, but also during the preceding flu vaccination campaign, especially in Wuhan and northern Italy.

Possible damage to the body of vaccinated `mRNAs' 

The team then studied the specific toxicity of nano-graphene oxide, which brings us to the background of known adverse effects associated with fashionable vaccination - just to remind:

Double pneumonia, especially from inhalation.

Immune system collapse.

Metallic taste in the mouth.

Multiple inflammations.

Inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Thousands of mini clots circulating in the blood.

Uncontrollable movements.

Myocarditis and pericarditis, possibly irreversible.

Loss of smell and taste.

And, above all, sudden and unpredictable thrombosis that can cause:


A fatal stroke,

Blindness in one or both eyes,

Fatal cardiac embolism,

Fatal pulmonary embolism,


Deafness in one or both ears.

Glutathione: solution to graphene oxide?

GLUTATHION is a potent antioxidant synthesized by the blood, which counteracts free radicals, peroxidants and all toxins that enter the body. It turns out that it also destroys graphene oxide with nanoparticles, but only if it is present in sufficient quantities; otherwise, the graphene will eat it, so it's a real fight that takes place!

And this is where we can help the organism by providing external L-glutathione, or better yet, the N-acetylcysteine that is its precursor.

In fact, Spanish researchers discovered that there were some 300 clinical studies on the use of N-acetylcysteine by some hospitals and universities with incredible results. For example, 100 patients who were dying of double pneumonia were saved within an hour after intravenous administration of glutathione or N-acetylcysteine.

Unfortunately, the problem with the external supply of glutathione is that its synthesis requires large quantities of milk, which is, as we know, processed blood. We are talking about 600 liters of milk to obtain 1 liter of glutathione, which makes it very expensive, and also its conservation is ephemeral.

It is therefore preferable to take N-acetylcysteine (NAC 200 mg), a highly bioavailable sulfur amino acid, which can be easily found on the Internet or in parapharmacies - without a prescription, as it is not considered a drug but a food supplement: 1 sachet 3 times a day for adults - treatment for 8 to 10 days maximum.

It should also be noted that from the age of 60 onwards, the blood produces less and less glutathione. This is why the elderly are the most affected by vaccination. But this is also true for obese people of all ages. On the other hand, normally, children who produce abundantly are little affected... when the avalanche of vaccines in the vaccination schedule has not damaged their wide-ranging immune defenses too much.

The "novel" of the "variants

Now we are told of a 3rd and then a 4th wave, etc., in short, a never-ending story, which justifies new deprivations of liberty and new supposedly adapted vaccinations. Moreover, it is commonly understood by sincere medical personalities that the so-called variants are generated by vaccines. They are on the right track, but they are missing a piece of the puzzle.

It should be noted that healthy people who successfully passed the first wave test, vaccinated, semi-vaccinated or not, are those whose glutathione was abundant enough to progressively eliminate graphene - the sole purpose of the new vaccine is not to protect against a variant that is really just a common cold or flu, but to perform a major reloading of graphene oxide and thus a further lunge against "resistant" individuals, whose damage will be blamed on an increasingly harmful phantom virus.

Why 5G?

There is more. The criminal establishment wanted to have every chance of success in its sinister work by playing with the resonance frequency of graphene oxide, technically called the "electronic absorption band", in order to emulate it and turn it into something even more harmful against glutathione. This emulation is going to be initiated by 5G - and that is why, against all warnings and reluctance from all sides, antenna proliferation is going full steam ahead as if nothing is happening.

January 2020 was a big test in Wuhan, while:

A flu "vaccination" campaign had preceded (to load people with graphene).

More than 10,000 5G relay antennas had been installed.

On the J-day of the declaration of the chova pandemic catastrophe, allegedly due to an accidental leak from the P4 lab and a Chinese tale of pangolins and bats, the 5G network switch-on took place at the same time.

Remember the apparently non-diseased people dropping dead in the street (it was not a set-up).

At the time I talked about the 60 gigahertz resonant frequency of 5G making ambient oxygen partially inaccessible to blood hemoglobin - this must have been true, but neither I nor anyone else knew at the time of the added existence of graphene (the belt and suspenders...).

The aim of the whole set-up was to make the world believe that the fatal enemy was a new virus to divert attention from the real correlation: "graphene oxide/5G" - it worked perfectly, even among scientists.... great art in the perfect crime!

All the apparent ineptitudes of the last 18 months are now clearly explained.

Those who still do not believe, after this reading, that we are under the clutches of the greatest lie of all time to secure the plan for the depopulation of mankind envisioned by the Blue Beam plan of the Illuminati (see on the Internet), have every right consciously.

Jesus was right [of course!], when he said:

""Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven".

That was true in his time for the ends of life.

And it is still [of course!] true now, but this time without delay!