The revolution is on the march

Carbonia March 18, 2022

The revolution is on the march,

my People will defend themselves against the monstrous dictatorship of Satan!

November 18, 2018


You have stripped yourselves of the shield, the only strength for your salvation. You have abandoned yourselves to the blandishments of the one who will now put you in chains.

Forever you will suffer, you will cry out to me for help but I will not hear you for you are marked by the Beast.

You will die helpless, nothing will be given to you in aid, you will have only the mocking smile of the devil who, confronting you with his whip, will sacrifice you for his pleasures.

You will only die, no human warmth will be upon you, your choice was this: to die instead of living!Italy will undergo great sufferings, her separation from Me will be her undoing.

America will suffer a great catastrophe!

Russia will make a harmful decision!

China will make itself known in its wickedness!

Cry out My name, cry out for help, now, O men!

The sun is about to go out, the moon will no longer give its light, everything will be darkened and death will be everywhere.            

 Prepare yourselves my children, prepare your souls and have at hand the blessed candles and the sacramentals, the rosary in your hands in prayer and supplication to Me.

The hour is approaching, darkness will devastate the Earth.

July 26, 2021

The battle is fierce, My cry of love does not want to be heard, I am a pierced God, now forgotten, ... man bows before the Beast, he has made himself his own.

I thunder my justice with power! I will make all hell tremble! ... Enough is enough.

My intervention will be great, the Miracle of the world revisits the world and finds it in worse condition than it left it.

The Church is led by Satan, his acolytes feast on the heads of my children, ... their death is at the gates! I will do justice! I will take away their administration and I will throw them, together with the one they have chosen in my place, into the terrible hell: ...They will understand, ... ...they will understand! They will weep, ... ... ...if they cry! But it will be too late. they despised the cry of their Maker, so will He do to them.

In the New Dawn everything must be pure, man's path will begin anew and it will be as God had foreseen from time. Go forward in My Work, men faithful to Me, to your loving God, do everything for the salvation of the souls who are lost.

Pray for Russia, she will make a drastic decision.

Pray for Italy, her Calvary is at the gates.

Unite in prayer, implore my mercy, ...implore my speedy return.

      God save!

December 01, 2021


Jesus, in his infinite Love, turns his merciful gaze once again towards his people, towards the least ones, and urgently calls them to himself.

The streets of Rome will soon be impassable, blood will flow in rivers, the cursed hierarch will escape but he will find no escape because the Hand of God will seize him.

The revolution is underway, my People will defend themselves from the monstrous dictatorship of Satan. The sky will be dyed red and the volcano of the East will explode with all its fury against Rome.

The Byzantine Patriarch will demand from the Vatican the apologies that have never been made.

Russia is preparing its tanks. China is already on the borders. Rome will be beheaded. Prepare for war.

Beloved children, prepare your hearts, purify yourselves, prostrate yourselves before Him who was crucified, humbly ask forgiveness for all your sins. The hour of darkness is at hand, suddenly everything will burn with God and the battle will break out.

My beloved children, oh you who seek Jesus and follow Him with faithful love, behold, you will suddenly find yourselves in a new condition.

You will be transfigured, you will acquire a new garment, your face will radiate the light of your loving God, you will be strong and young, full of life in Him who is Life and you will go to fulfill the Mission entrusted to you, you will conquer the hearts of the estranged and bring them back home.

God is with you, my children; set yourselves on His path by respecting His will, you will enjoy His All, you will benefit from the wonders of His infinite Love.

Clothe yourselves with light, my children, ... Pray intensely and unceasingly, pray for the soon return of Jesus.

Show yourselves worthy of His Love; everything is about to happen! Amen!