My consecrated ones have surrendered to the man of Satan

Revelations from the GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia September 20, 2020

The covenant is signed, all is fulfilled.

Holy Mary with you.

Write this message in the book.

May the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ descend upon all who listen to Him and follow Him faithfully and lovingly.

The prophetic moments have come: ... ... the storm will come suddenly and everything will be darkened, only the houses of the children of God will remain in their light.

As Mother of Jesus and your Mother I come to suggest to you the things of God and to lead you to Him.

I will take you into my care and lead you to where everything belongs to God. The things of this world have passed away, the things of Infinite Love are entering.

Grace and mercy will be upon the children of God, while His wrath will strike the traitors.

Truly I say to you, the House of Israel is open to the faithful children of God; their departure will be amidst the wonders of the Father.

Wait now to see with your own eyes the greatest destruction in the history of the earthly Church because of the traitors.

God demands obedience from his anointed ones, but the men of Satan, who have infiltrated the Church, have taken power and have disrupted all that was good by placing evil upon evil; my consecrated ones have surrendered to the earthly power, to the man of Satan, and are incapable of rising up to put order where there will be none.

The covenant is signed, all is accomplished, the things of this world will be cancelled forever! God is in haste, prepare your houses, O men, decide for God, ask forgiveness for your sins, prostrate yourselves before the Crucified One, with contrite hearts ask His forgiveness.

Behold, days of despair are coming for those who have turned their backs on their Creator.

Rome has renounced her God-Love, she has placed her belief in him who leads them to evil. Man does not open his eyes to the truth, ... ... he becomes more and more muddy, the mud already covers him, he fights shamelessly against Me, the God of Love, his Saviour: ... ... I am mocked and expelled from my altars, I am forgotten, my place has been given to my enemy: ... poor men, their fate is now sealed in hell.

Hail will fall in abundance and fire will follow, and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

 Now I come to tell you, O men, who say you are in me: repent quickly, for the mourning will be great for you.

Guided by Mary, my children will have the victory and will be great in me.

Repent, oh men, there is no more time, my arm is already upon you!

Repent, oh men! Repent. Ask forgiveness now... before my wrath kills you! Amen.