The Earth will be hit by the ball of fire...


"The Sphere of Redemption".

Carbonia, August 20, 2007

Soon the Earth will be struck by the sphere of fire, it is a burning matter that has been created in the Universe, it is the fire of purification, it is the sphere of Redemption.

Myriam, My Cry is in the world, My infinite love I will put in every man, but you open your heart to Me and come to Me, to My Holy Altar, where I make Myself Bread for you.

Have true love for Jesus, "He is your only Good", there is no other good. He and only He will be able to save you and will be able to give you to enjoy the immensity of His All, in love and in immense joy.

Now is the hour for the awakening of your hearts. Meditate well, oh children, for this is the time of the end of all things. Do not lose yourselves in things that no longer belong to you, but come and seek the things of heaven and unite yourselves to the Holy Father (Benedict XVI) in his homily. He calls you to love and charity, to union in love, he exhorts you to be children of the Living God, of Love United and True.

Come and unite yourselves to Jesus; this is the final battle against the accursed Dragon; this is the end of time; Satan will be expelled from the face of the earth forever, and will never again set foot on it.

Come to Jesus in the Eucharist, unite yourselves to Him to be strong in Him in love and to have in you the "Shield" against evil.

Jesus promises you salvation and eternal life; do not destroy His offer of love, but know how to kneel before His Altar renouncing all the seductions of the infernal enemy and immersing yourselves instead in the Fountain of Salvation.

My dear children, I tell you now: the time is ripe, terror will enter the Earth and all will be destroyed by the fury of the accursed Dragon.

His plan is about to be carried out, come to Me soon to be holy in Me, Jesus will make you triumph in Him and in Him you will be love in Love.

Soon the Earth will be struck by the sphere of fire; it is a burning matter that has been created in the Universe, it is the fire of purification, it is the Sphere of Redemption.

It will strike the Earth and set the whole Earth on fire and the cities will be destroyed by the fiery furnace of love which will "purify" every corner and leave only those who are in love and goodness; all rottenness will be swept away.

So that there may be a rebirth on earth, a new life in Christ Jesus, all that was rotten will be swept away to make way for love and charity. Those who belonged to another god will no longer exist, for the Eternal God of infinite Love will seal this new people whom He Himself will guide by love and inflame with His Love and will make of them a holy people, a people "just" for Him.

Therefore I say to you: whoever wishes to enter my New Garden, which I Myself will keep and unite with my Heaven, let him be a true man of God, of his Creator, of his Savior, abandoning, already from now on, all that does not belong to him.

Offer yourselves now completely to me, purify yourselves and unite yourselves to me in my Holy Eucharist.

In it you will be sealed in me. And I will recognize what is mine and will raise it from the great disaster and keep it in me until all is finished.

Rejoice then, all of you who have been warned, I am coming to put the Good in all things, and with me I will have only those who truly embrace me in love

Jesus, the Eternal Love.