Another withering dismissal of Bergoglio

• Francis cancelled Monsignor Matteo Visioli, the under-secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) discarding him to his home diocese.

• In August, Visioli became parish-priest of Fornovo, a village in the Apennines near Parma.

• learned that Francis considered Visioli too close to Archbishop Giacomo Morandi whom he cancelled in January because Morandi had opposed blasphemous homosex “blessings.”

• It is enough to be suspected of closeness to someone who fell into disgrace with Francis to be discarded by him without explanation.

• The Vatican announced on 6 July the appointment of Monsignor Philippe Curbelié as an undersecretary of the CDF, covering up Visioli’s fate.

• Among recent skeletons in Francis' closet are Monsignor  Jorge C Patron Wong, Francis’ lackey Cardinal Stella, and Monsignor Robert Oliver