Perpetual adoration hours will be stopped

Tuesday, 22 October 2013 


How cunning is the beast.

How clever his actions seem to be, because they will be sugar coated with a form of deceit, which only those blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit will be able to discern.

And during all the talk about the common good of man, the desire to bring all religions together to form one large communion of people – not one word will be uttered about My Teaching that God’s children must remain firm to My Holy Word.

The times are moving quickly and amidst this, seemingly well ordered and carefully orchestrated propaganda, the cracks will begin to appear.

When Satan is at work, confusion spreads; division is created; contradictions become rampant and nothing is ever orderly.

Certain honours, accorded to me before my tabernacles, will disappear.

Perpetual adoration hours will be stopped and soon they will strip the Churches of the statues of the Saints.

All their actions will be condoned in the name of uprooting the Church of old and making it more relevant, more attractive and more appealing to non-believers.

Those who know me must do all they can, through the spread of the gospels, because, be assured, you will hear no talk of the Holy Bible.

The only quotes you will hear will be those, which are twisted to support lies.

As they strip the Church of its dignity, the punishments will begin to pour down upon them from the Heavens.

They will, in time, be stopped, but these trials must take place first, as foretold.

Your Jesus