Francis alters the Sacrament of Confession

Francis Preaches Cheap Absolution

In a February 3 speech to the bishops of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Francis made a mockery of the sacrament of confession.

He urged the bishops to “be merciful” and to “always forgive” [only politically correct sins]. Francis never forgives when someone is a Catholic.

“When a member of the faithful goes to confession, he or she comes to seek forgiveness, to ask for the Father’s caress," he romanticised the faithful and accused the priests, "We, pointing an accusing finger, say: ‘How many times? And how did you do it?’ No, not that."

The doctrine teaches us that one must confess the exact number of mortal sins and if one cannot confess an approximate number, also the species of sin that increases or decreases its gravity. Therefore, Bergoglio changes on a whim what is established by the Church for the forgiveness of sins in Sacramental Confession.

According to his advice, confessions would become an empty ritual and the priest a machine who produces cheap "absolutions."

Falling prey to his usual confusion, Francis insisted that we must observe Canon Law, "because it is important, BUT the shepherd's heart goes beyond that! Take a risk. Take a risk on the side of forgiveness. Always. Always forgive in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.”

Cheap absolutions are not a risk but clerical laziness.