Fraudulent religious material is being released

Antagonism are the many religious objects that are being made, in order to spoil and lose the graces that the authentic ones revealed by Heaven have. I, Jesus, speak to you.


My children, open your eyes wide. Fraudulent religious material is being released because it is infested with satanic signs that have nothing to do with Me or My Mother. Be careful children with what you acquire or what they give you, do not look at the price or that they are cheaper, look that they are religious objects according to revelation, because My mortal enemy wants to take possession of everything, of the whole Church with all its procession of holy cards and religious objects. There are people guided by Satan to corrupt everything, the most holy and they will also try to do it with the Eucharist, because children, the mortal hatred of Satan towards Me and My members of the Mystical Body cannot be weighed with a human mind. I, Jesus, speak to you.


You must be alert in everything, in everything, in everything. Books, bulletins, magazines, pamphlets, everything that is given to you under the emblem of Catholicism, because not only will it not be Catholic, but perverse and clothed with good, it is an evil that you are acquiring. I, Jesus, speak to you. Do not cling to pictures or cards or medals that are not authentic, they can bring you evils without knowing where they come from, do not throw everything away without analyzing it, and ask My Holy Spirit for light when you analyze something so that He may enlighten you to know how to see and discern. So children, this does not frighten you, it is the war between good and evil, but you know that whoever takes My side will win, because I have conquered sin and death. I, Jesus, speak to you. 


And just as there are shepherds who are not of My flock and seem to be, so it is with religious objects, who want to deceive you and put lies into your lives and devotions. Children, have courage and be brave, do not be attached to objects that are not authentic, and do not fear anything if you did not know it until now. Before throwing away a religious object that you believe to be deceitful, analyze it, do not throw away something good and blessed. It is the tares that grow next to the wheat and you must know how to discern. I, Jesus, speak to you and warn you. Peace to all who read this message and put it into practice.

To God what is God's