Humanity is lost behind the false prophet

Carbonia, 03.10.18

I will be with you until the end of time!

My beloved children, work for the Kingdom of Heaven, put yourselves in communion with your Jesus and nourish yourselves with His Holy Eucharist. 

Today I ask you, who are gathered here in the cenacle with Me and Mary, to be ready with your candles lit, your hips girded, your sandals on your feet and your staff in your hand.

These are the last hours you will spend on this earth in these conditions!

I come to cleanse all evil and to place my children in a new dimension, in love and happiness.

Go ahead! Today I tell you that you are My jewels, do not turn away from Me, I await your sincere yes. Cross the sea and come to visit Me at My Holy Altar.

You have participated in the great hour, I want you all immaculate in love, I await this step, do not wait for the time, the time of waiting is over, do not enter into darkness because there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for all those who have not put themselves in the condition of being Mine.

I come with the rod in My hand to set all things right, I will scourge every man far from Me, every man who has turned away from Me by his own free choice to follow My adversary.

I strike the nail on the cross with you, it is the last moment, the last nail, then there will be deep darkness for those who do not listen.

Mary Most Holy is already descending from Heaven, the Father warns this Humanity hardened in sin to repent soon, everything is in the holy hands of God, whoever does not respect His Commands will perish under His rod.

Rejoice, oh children of Love, rejoice in these last moments, rejoice because your transfiguration is imminent. 

The sun is about to set on Earth, it will no longer be as it is today, ...weeping and gnashing of teeth for many men!!!!

Humanity is lost behind the false prophet, it abandons itself to his flattery, the charm of the iniquitous man conquers Humanity.

Anathema, anathema!

I cry out to you, O peoples all, I cry out to you salvation, repent quickly, prepare your homes, this winter will be dark and cold.

Meditate, meditate, O nations all! Meditate! are at the final turning point. Amen!