This Actress Escaped Her “Life of Success”

Until April 2004, Edita Majić was an actress in Croatia. She won many awards, including the Pula Film Festival in 1999.

At the age of 34, she withdrew from her meaningless and empty “life of success” and entered the Convento de San José in Ávila, Spain, the first monastery founded by Saint Teresa of Jesus in 1562.

Edita professed her final vows and worked in the convent kitchen. As a Carmelite, she lives without heating or hot water, sleeps on a bed of straw, prays, and fasts regularly.

In 2017, Sister Edita took a further step, choosing to live as a hermit outside the convent on a hill in a wooded area.

“There is no merit in the fact that I became a Carmelite nun, no sacrifice on my part can compensate for Christ’s love for me,” she says of herself.