This call of mine is urgent, is urgent!!!! it is urgent!!! —Carbonia

Carbonia 22-03-2023 - 

The world is engulfed in disaster.

Mary Most Holy says:

My children, I caress you in your hearts, I place you in My Mother's Heart and I carry you with Me.

My beloved children: you are beautiful inside, stupendous in the Eyes of your God,

Be proud to have been chosen for this calling,

Just a little more and all will be fulfilled before your eyes.

We have arrived at the times foretold; the world is engulfed in disaster.

I see many children still running after the things of this earth without thinking of the salvation of their own souls.

This corrupt Humanity

has rejected its Creator God to run after false lights,

goes hand in hand with Lucifer,

it is convinced that it has reached its goal: ...a life that will reward it in every way.

Poor children, you have understood nothing at all!

You who do not know the Holy Scriptures,

you are incapable of recognizing the times in which you live.

You do not want to accept the Word of God.

You are deaf to His call of love and salvation.

Do not be lost, my children, do not be lost.

Our eyes still shed tears of blood that bathe the Earth, but you remain indifferent,

your hearts are not moved,

you do not long for God,

you do not aspire to the salvation of your souls,

you covet money and lust,

you worship the idols of this world.

My children, you have become hypocrites, you are now slaves of the devil.

Jesus and Mary weep because of the great pain: they see their children lost in the darkness.

Oh Children, Children, Children, Children, Children!

Now, something very serious is going to happen....

Time has run out,

I call you once again to conversion of heart in this last moment that still remains to you.

Renounce yourselves and Satan, all his seductions!

Turn quickly to your Lord Jesus Christ, my children!

This call of mine is urgent, is urgent!!!! it is urgent!!!!!

Let your Heavenly Mother and your Savior Jesus embrace you again.

The Holy Trinity is impatient to meet with you, My children.

The Holy Spirit hovers over the hearts of men waiting for them to open themselves to the love of God and to return to God.

Renewed in Him they will enjoy His Beauty, as then, when God created man in His Image and Likeness to be "His" forever!

But man

provoked God, ...

He fell into the hands of Evil, which dragged him into the abyss.

My children,

you do not want to raise your eyes to Heaven, ...

You do not want to renounce what you are living on earth, 

because you have clung to it.

Poor men,

you are mistaken!

Know that whoever renounces God at this moment will lose his life.

Come, my children,

be strong,

stand firm in the Commandments of God,

stand firm in the true Magisterium of the Church,

stand firm in it.

Behold, the battle is on, the fire will break out suddenly and everything will burn.

Do not lose your way, my children, do not lose your way.

I, your heavenly Mother, still call you with all My love.

If you grant it to Me, I will help you to get up and I will bring you before My Son Jesus;

You still have a few moments left

to say "enough of Satan

and return to Jesus Christ the Son of God.

If you decide to return to Jesus, He Himself will come among you; He will sustain you in your struggle, He will protect you from Satan.

Thank you my children, oh you who have remained faithful to Jesus Christ and have collaborated in this Work of salvation, ... you who have given your life for the salvation of your brothers, ... thank you.

Thank you my children! Thank you for being at this moment still present in this sacred place, to pray the Holy Rosary.

Go ahead.

My hands will always be united with yours: together we will implore the anticipated return of the Divine Master, the One who will soon manifest Himself to the world to give true freedom to the children of God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.