Plastic boxes as tabernacles! -WYD

If this information is true*, and it seems that it is, it proves that the Bergoglian clergy continues to degrade the most sacred, now also in the eyes of the young people who attended the WYD; they will get the impression that Christ deserves such a rigging in the middle of a pseudo-chapel of absolute coldness, after having mistreated him at ease with a circus show during the Stations of the Cross on Friday. 

Look at this plastic 'tabernacle' that leaves the consecrated hosts at the mercy of any theft by the enemy, on a crumpled tablecloth, two candles of the simplest kind and two chairs: worse than a cheap tavern.

But didn't we agree that Bergoglio fought against plastic straws, made a call to clean plastics from the oceans and banished plastic bottles from the Vatican? And what about the integral ecology goals announced with great fanfare during WYD? Well, we all know that plastic comes from fossil fuels, from petroleum, so vilified by the ecologists of the elite - of which Bergoglio is a servant - and which they want to replace with green energies because it pollutes. 
But for the Incarnate God, a 'tabernacle' of this compound, which is used for purposes far removed from the Catholic liturgy, with the purpose of enclosing Him inside, ridiculing His Real Presence, is a good thing.

What will they do with that tabernacle when WYD is over? Add more debris to the dump?

Demons or bishops?