How God preserves His faithful remnant

How God preserves His faithful remnant and how to make that protection effective.

Those of us who see how the world is going away from the morals prescribed by God, and that the Church has also entered into that confusion, are being preserved in a mysterious way.

And from there we are being preserved in many other ways.

Because we constitute the faithful remnant of the End Times.

What is happening today was already prophesied by Our Lady since 4 centuries ago, and it is being fulfilled with utmost clarity.

Here we will talk about how the prophecies of the deterioration of the world and of the faith are being fulfilled in our days, how a small group is being preserved in various ways, and the ways in which we must manage to continue to be preserved.

There is a mysterious passage in the Gospel of John where Jesus explains that some things are too difficult to be revealed yet to the Apostles.

"I still have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth, He will declare to you the things that are to come," John 16:12.

And from that moment the Spirit revealed not only the depths of the deposit of faith, but also spoke prophetically to the Church. 

In 1884 the papal magisterium recognized through Leo XIII, in the encyclical Humanus Genus, that "the total overthrow of the whole religious and political order of the world which Christian teaching has produced" was in the making.

Although unfortunately this understanding has been fading in recent decades?

But long before Leo XIII, Our Lady of Good Success appeared in Quito, Ecuador, during the XVI and XVII centuries.

And she announced to Sister Mariana de Jesus Torres the moral decadence that would characterize our times, especially since the 20th century.

On February 2, 1634, when Mother Mariana finished her prayers at three o'clock in the morning, the sanctuary lamp went out. 

And Our Lady suddenly appeared before her and told her that this blackout was a foreshadowing of the evils that would afflict the Church in the centuries to come.

She spoke of five specific negligences that would cause much suffering to the faithful remnant, which would remain at the end of time.

In the first place he said that numerous heresies would be propagated and would extinguish the precious light of faith in very many souls. 

These heresies of the Christian teachings on life and sin would spread their claws in the Church and in homes, perniciously influencing all fields of human activity.

Secondly, Our Lady prophesied a great spiritual catastrophe in the Church. 

And today we see that it is taught, more and more publicly, to adapt to the world instead of resisting it, to welcome sin along with the sinner and that to admonish the sinner is an act of unspeakable cruelty.

Thirdly, Our Lady said that a poisoned atmosphere of impurity will reign like an unclean sea and that the majority would refuse to exercise self-control.

And we are seeing this in the free rein given to instincts in man, which affect the preservation of life, customs and his sexuality.

Fourthly, he warned that vocations to the priesthood will decrease due to the power of sects and their ability to penetrate homes and families.

The innocence found in the hearts of children would be perverted. 

And the clergy would focus more on their own wealth and comfort than on their ministry.

And we have seen that those who are ordained often do not see the need to fight against this culture.

Whereas the Child Jesus revealed to him that many religious and priestly souls "want to serve me half-heartedly, keeping their whims, satisfying in everything their will and taking liberties incompatible with their state and profession."

And fifthly, the laziness and negligence of those who possess great wealth, who will remain indifferently on the sidelines and witness the oppression of the Church.

Instead of using the means God has given them to give something back to Him, they either do nothing or contribute to the cause of the devil.

And today we see that the big millionaires are anti-Christian and promote the agenda of moral change. 

Finally, Our Lady told him that great numbers of souls would be lost, that the Church and many countries would be exposed to intolerable agony and that nations would face catastrophic punishments. 

All this that was prophesied 4 or 5 centuries ago by Our Lady is being fulfilled in plain sight.

Most of the clergy, not to mention the hierarchy, ignore prophecies such as these, of which there are several.

And when someone makes them aware of them, they summarily scorn them and say, for whoever wants to hear them, "I do not believe in the Marian apparitions". 

Then, as a consequence of all this, Our Lady told him that all kinds of punishments will come: cataclysms, pestilences, famines, bloody wars, invasions and blasphemies.

There will be a formidable and fearsome war and it will seem to mankind that evil has triumphed.

And there Our Lady said, "then my hour will have come to dethrone the proud Satan in a surprising way, crushing him under my foot and chaining him in the infernal abysses, thus finally freeing the Church and the nation from his cruel tyranny."

What the Mother of God announced, as at Fatima centuries later, was the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

And she echoes the words of St. Paul in Galatians 6, "Make no mistake: God is not mocked; each one will reap only what he sows." 

And what is our role in this battle today?

We must have total confidence that the time will come when She will intervene and put an end to the affliction caused by the corruption of our days.

Our Lady of Good Success said "pray insistently asking our Heavenly Father to put an end to such evil times, for the love of the Eucharistic Heart of my Most Holy Son".

And she is saying this in all the messages she is giving in the last century. 

And furthermore, we must trust that She will preserve Her faithful children from the snares of satan. 

Be assured that those of us who see these prophecies being fulfilled are already being preserved from confusion.

We are being preserved from the corruption of the present moment, so as not to fall, and preserved to bear witness.

We can see the reality and the promises of Heaven for what they are and we have a special help.

And this is not a fantasy, for there is a common thread of God's preservation of the faithful remnant from Genesis to Revelation. 

From the Israelites in the Old Testament, through the early Church, to the end of time, God has always preserved a remnant.

In every generation, there is a remnant by divine decree.

And we are part of this plan.

God may allow multiple trials and persecutions to happen to you, but if you are living in this time when the faithful remnant is insignificant, He will take special care of you because you are a rare specimen.

God's preserving grace is always more abundant so that His remnant will not bend.

And He will instruct His angels to make a hedge around you, so that you will not fall and still serve as a beacon for others.

So let us lean on the angels, especially on our Guardian Angel, because as long as he sees that you are fulfilling the mission God gave you, he will give you all the help possible; more than you can imagine.